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BITA Enarcon Engineering/BEE was established in 1980 in Bandung as a truly Indonesian-National A/E Consulting Company with a multi-disciplinary in-house resources in Architecture, Civil / Structural, Mechanical/Piping and Electrical/Telecomunication/Control Engineering capabilities.

From its humble beginning of servicing local-Clients in Bandung/Jakarta region, BEE now provides services to Clients throughout the country, as well as globally (i.e. Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Philippine, Timor Leste, Nigeria, Singapore and DR Congo-Africa, etc).

Core Business

General Building Industry

Embracing FEED and EPCM services for industrial related facilities and their infrastructures.

Consumer Goods and Food/Beverage Industry

Covering EPCM services for infrastructure and building related to food and consumer goods facilities.

Mineral Extraction and Processing Industry

FEED and EPCM services for the mineral extraction and processing industry projects include coal preparation plant, coal upgrade plant, etc. While the majority of the services is related to civil works, the interfaces and exposures to proces

Power Industrys Infrastructure

Comprising of EPCM services related to power plant facilities, such as civil, structural and geo-technical aspects.

Oil & Gas Industry

Embracing FEED and EPCM of infrastructure for oil & gas supporting facilities including: camps, jetty, platform (offshore camps and control room), logistics base, onshore facilities (Offices, amenities, workshop, etc).

Transportation and Infrastructure

Comprising of FEED and EPCM services related to transportation - infrastructure facilities such as roads, bridges, railways and ports.

Agro Industry Infrastructure

Comprising of EPCM services related to agro and cellulose based industry infrastructure and facilities sucs as site infrastructure, pulp and paper mill laboratory, offices, housing and the likes.

Operational Assitance Services

Assisting clients with services locally at their premises to ensure continuing effective operations.

Front End Studies

Covering geo-services involving major earth works, geotechnical, hydrology and geology aspects, topography, bathymetry and the likes.

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  • National Association of Indonesian Consultant - Membership No. 194/P/34.JB
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Architect and Engineering, Procurement, Contruction Management No. QSC00192
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