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1500T/D Flour Mills at PT. Cerestar Flour Mill at Medan, West Sumatera

PT Cerestar Flour Mill/Cerestar intends to develop another green field flour mill at 1500 Ton/Day capacity located at Kawasan Industri Medan/KIM in North Sumatera. Cerestar is also operating Cerestar Flour Mill located at KIEC, Banten and is constructing Harvestar Flour Mill located at Kawasan Industri Gresik, East Java.

PT Bita Enarcon Engineering/BITA has been involved in the first stage green field development of Cerestar Flour Mill which is located within PT Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon (KIEC) at Cilegon, Banten. After this project, BITA continued with the detailed engineering design services for the extension of Cerestar mill to have the total production capacity of 1500 Ton/Day. Recently,BITA was invited by Cerestar to provide Civil Engineering Design Services for another green field Harvestar Project with the production capacity of 2000 Ton/Day. Bita has designed the first stage of the development of 1000 Ton/Day production capacity. Therefore, BITA is familiar and confident with civil engineering design of a flour mill development.

Cerestar assigned BITA to provide detail engineering design services for 1500T/D Flour Mills with the scope of works included are:

  1. Silos Foundation
  2. Mill A Buildings (Without Mill B&C for extension)
  3. Office & VIP Lounge
  4. Flour Warehouse
  5. Bran Warehouse, Pollard Packing and Workshop
  6. MCC & Control Room 
  7. Covered Loading Area
  8. Intake Tower 1 (without Intake Tower 2 for extension)
  9. Dumping Pit
  10. Bran & Pollard Packing Foundation.   
  11. Toilet & Changing Room
  12. Rest Room 
  13. Mushola
  14. Canteen
  15. Weight Bridge 1 (without Weight Bridge 2 for extension)
  16. Weight Bridge Office and Security Post 1
  17. Civil Work (Grading, Road, Drainage & Fencing)
  18. Water Storage and Pump House
  19. Parking Area
  20. Security Post 2
  21. Changing Room1
  22. Changing Room 2

The scope of services is basically:

  • to prepare Construction documentations for the construction to proceed
  • to prepare detailed design drawings:
  • Architecture (design drawings and 3D)
  • Structure (foundation and upper structure)
  • Civil (grading, road pavement, drainage and fence)
  • Mechancal & Plumbing (VAC system, water supply, waste water, fire fighting system and compressed air system)
  • Electrical (lighting and small power, grounding system, lightning protection, Transformer, Cubicle Layout, cable tray, MCC, CCTV, Telephone and Data Single Line Diagram)
  • to prepare Technical Specifications.